Wednesday, September 30, 2009

you can tell this is deb's grandchild!!!

Oh no Sophie is also obssesed with Pepsi just like Grandma Debbie!! She usually tries to sneak drinks when you are not looking. I have a feeling she found out she got caught!!!!


Halle is already 6 years old and she is my oldest, and sassiest child. I am so proud of Halle cause she has been listening so much better since her new "chore chart" has been in affect. Halle's party was cancelled due to the flu within my whole household.... not a pretty sight! Love you Halle Bug!


Hard to imagine this little bundle of joy is already one!! I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with Ivy lately due to the "homeless" situation she has been in!!! I love you little Ivy grumpy face!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

these are my sisters and I with our parents... we are so lucky to have the best mom and dad in the world!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

my munckins

My whole family and I went to a big barn and took pictures of all of the cute kids. There are much more to come but these are just a couple of my little ones... aren't they cute?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sophie is a climber just like her daddy! She loves to climb on anything that she can find... one time I found her on top of the fridge... she is adorable but a wild one that is for sure

Maddox is 8 months!!

Happy eight months handsome boy!! He is the cutest little thing ever and his hair is neverending... no wonder why he gave me so much heart burn when I was pregnant!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Swimming at the Shiloh

Although I look like something is slightly wrong with me in this picture it sure is cute of the kids. Halle and Sophie love the water. Sophie is a little more daring, she jumps off the side and when water splashes in her eyes she just laughs. Halle took swimming lessons last year and she is getting much more brave now!!

4 months already!!!

Maddox is getting so big.... He is four months old and he is so stinking cute! He is laughing and rolling over. He is camera phobic though because he will be smiling so huge and then every time he sees the camera he opens his eyes so big and stops smiling.... oh well we will get a smile next time!!!

Best Great-Grandpa in the world!!!

This is "Papa Honey" and sweet baby Ivy, the reason that all the kids call him papa honey is because one time Halle was at their house and my grandma called my grandpa honey and ever since then he became papa honey. He is the absolutely the best. He loves all of his great grand children so much and he has so much love to go around.... He is the best 70 year old play mate I have ever met!!! I love you papa honey!
Halle, Sophie, and their cousin Jaxon all dressed up on Easter.... we had a brunch at the Shiloh with the WHOLE family and it was great. I love getting together with my family.

Happy Easter

Alright I know that I haven't been updating my blog lately at all but I have been so busy. Here are some Easter pictures although it has already passed. I will do my very best to keep my blog a little more current.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A walk down memory lane

This is Calyn and I when we were young. One of our favorite things to do was sit up on the counter and help my mom cook... I am sure that we were playing with measuring cups because that was one of our favorite toys. My mom still gives those to all of her grandkids to keep them entertained.

I was tagged by Calyn

25 things about myself that you might not know:

1. I have an enormous fear of ice... I know it is strange but I will not touch ice or anything that has the slightest bit of frost on it... Infact if I have to scoop my kids ice cream I will use an oven mit.. I know I might need therapy to get over that one!

2. I refuse to have anything but blonde hair. I have tried and it just doesn't look as good

3. I have an obssesion with highligthers and colored pens. I love doodling on anything and everything

4. I love doing homework. I wish that I would have had this skill when I was in high school but unfortunately it didn't coime about until I got into college.

5. I love dancing to you tube "Single Ladies" with my kids... it is sort of our favorite thing to do. I feel really bad for Maddox because he sure is in for a treat when he gets older.

6. I talk on the phone A LOT! I know that anyone in my family will second this because I am a talker... to anyone... I don't care who you are!

7. I hate and I mean hate mayonaise. I think that it is absolutely disgusting and I think that it reminds me of fat yucky things!!

8. I LOVE loofahs!! I will not shower without them.

9. I love laughing. I know that is something that a lot of people like but I am a follower of the old saying... if you can get a girl to laugh you can get her to do anything... well within reason!

10. Everytime I try on a new outfit I pat my sides. I never realized that I did this but my mom and sisters always tell me that I do and I have recognized it... I have no idea why I do this.

11. I know that it doesn't sound like the most exciting thing in the world but I love hanging out with my grandparents. They are so funny because they are so opinionated and they don't hold back on what they think. I love you mammy and papa!

12. I love making facing and impersonating people. I think that I have a little knack for it personally. Only if you know me very well will I make a face at you because they are really hideous!

13. I pick at my eyelashes especially when I get tired.

14. I have a secret obssesion with dieting right now.... I have never succeeded at it and now that I am there is no stopping me now!

15. I say like all of the time.... even when I go to edit my school papers I really will have to take out the word like..... like, for real!!!

16. I like driving long distances by myself because I rock out to the radio and it gives me time to think.

17. I love fried onion straws they are delicious.

18. I love hanging out with my mommy! She is the funniest lady in the world.

19. I love calling my dad when I have a question because I feel like he is a walking dictionary, theasauras, and any other book that is informational. If he doesn't know the answer which is a rare occasion he will always figure it out and then call me back... also I secretly think that he was a Dr. in a past life because whenever my kids are sick he can diagnose them before the doctors can!

20. I am secretly a little bit to obssesed with my best friend Jasmine. She just went on a cruise with her boyfriend and we both cried when she left, the sad part is she is only going to be gone for 8 days!

21. I love anything smelly like candles, oils, body spray etc.

22. I hate pet hair that is why I will never have a dog that sheds

23. I love hanging out in my pajamas...Infact I have been known to wear them to Wal Mart

24. I love typing, writing poems, writing letters and anything that has to do with writing.

25. I love doing makeovers on people. I like to take someone and change their hair, it is really self gratifying when someone feels better about themselves!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

These two are going to be best buds

This is Drake, Calyn and Trevor's baby. I think that one day Maddox and Drake are going to be the best of friends because they are so close in age. I am sure that Calyn and I will be chasing the ladies away!!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


This is David on his birthday. We all went over to mammy and papas house for cake and Ice Cream. David is the kindest person that I have ever met in my life. He is tidy, sweet and he is a sucker for Jazz games. David also has a great taste in women, he has a picture in his room of him and the Utah Jazz cheerleaders. Happy Birthday David I love you so much!!!!!!!

First Day of school

This is me on my way to school on the first day. I just started school on January 12th and nobody was around to take a picture so I snapped one myself while I was driving...well...I was at a stoplight so it wasn't super dangerous. I am very excited to be in school and I hope that it will pay off in the end. So far I am going into Secondary Education but we will have to see if my major changes by the time I am done.... stay tuned....

Like Mother Like Daughter

This is my loving Mommy. She is truly the neatest lady that I know. I tell my mom everything and I think that sometimes she doesn't always appreciate that because there are probably certain things about me that she doesn't want to know ha ha.

Rub a Dub Dub

Halle and Sophie love taking baths together but Maddox is still getting used the idea of baths they are not his favorite. This is right after he got out of the bath, he sure loves to smile!!!

I love my sister

This is Halle and Sophie sitting at my moms table... they always love the delicious snacks that Grandma makes it reminds me of being little with my sisters....

My wonderful parents

These are both of my wonderful sets of parents. I am lucky enough to essentially have two moms and two dads. It is crazy how well we all get along but I wouldn't have it any other way I love you guys!

Dan and Erin

Deb and Leo

I don't want my picture taken mom

This little girl has no fear

This is Sophie swimming at Papa Dan and Grandma Erin's hotel when they came here to visit. She has absolutely no fear at all. Papa Leo would throw her up in the air and she was begging for more. I fear for what she is going to be like when she grows up I think that we have the next evil kenevil on our hands.

These are my three beautiful kids....Maddox looks a little angry to be taking a picture!

awwwww they are so cute

This is Jasmine and her boyfriend Jason they are absolutely adorable in every single way. I feel bad because I am always the third wheel hanging around but hey they don't seem to mind so much. They are going to get married soon and I can't wait because they are so happy together and it is good to know that true love still exists in this crazy world....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

This is Jasmine and she is one of the most important people in my life... She is always there for me when I need her and we have so much fun together. Most of the time we are the only ones that laugh at our jokes but at least we have a lot of fun in the process... ha ha.

Friday, January 30, 2009

My Favorite Things in Life...........................

These are in no particular order but these are my favorite little things in life......

1. Accents
2. Hearing the sound of my baby laugh
3. watching my kids discover new things
4. family and friends
5. when someone says "I am sorry" or "I love you" and actually means it
6. beautiful starry nights
7. laughing so hard I cry
8. making faces
9. miracles
10. having "pajama parties" with my children
11. watching random acts of kindness
12. Wal*Mart door greeters
13. telling someone my secrets knowing that no matter what they would never repeat them
14. writing poems
15. meeting inspirational people
16. talking on the phone for hours and it feels like minutes

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Freezing our tails off

This is Afton and I. I have been going to Victor just to hang out and it is freezing. afton took me on a wild trip through the freezing tundra and got us stuck. Ross had to come and pull us out of the field... poor Ross he was an icicle when he was done.. what a trooper.